Meet Interstate Paranormal!

 Hello, my name is Randy Power. I'm the founder and lead investigator of Interstate Paranormal. My profession is in healthcare as a nurse.

 I've been facsinated with ghosts, hauntings, possessions and other paranormal phenomenon my entire life. After seeing a full bodied apparition with my own eyes, I decided to turn this interest into something far greater.

 In 2009 I decided to form a group with like-minded individuals to examine the paranormal. In 2011 Interstate Paranormal was born. All of our experiences, either caught on video, photographs or recorded with instruments helps us to answer the greatest question of all: What happens to us after death?


 Hello, hello, hello! My name is Emily and I'm the IT and PR Manager for Interstate Paranormal! Paranormal investigation has interested me for years and I'm glad to be able to do it for more than a hobby. By day I work at a credit union and when I'm not doing paranormal investigations I like to read, hike, craft, paint and bake.

 Since starting to investigate I've had so many unique experiences such as being touched by a child spirit to seeing shadow people and hearing ghostly voices with my own ears. Paranormal investigations have also taken me to cities, states and places I might never have gotten a chance to see, let alone a nighttime, "behind the scenes" type of view. I even almost made it on to a paranormal TV show!

 I look forward to many years of investigation and refining my techniques and seeing and learning more and more. Each investigations gives us a peek in to what lies ahead for us all after death!


 Hi, my name is Michelle and I am proud and honored to be a part of this unique team of researchers. I live in Chicago, working as a business account manager, and also as an actor and producer in Chicago's vibrant theater scene. My first personal encounter of the paranormal I believe occurred when I was a young girl, though at the time, I had perceived it to be a dream. As I have gotten older, I've continued to experience things I cannot find rational explanation for, yet I receive them vividly from all sensory receptors. This has lead me to believe that it's possible I might be what some call, a 'sensitive'. I consider myself a spiritual person of faith, but I have been so greatly moved emotionally by some of my experiences of the paranormal, that I wish to bring further questions, and hopefully answers, to light......


 Whatís up everybody! This is Darren, fellow investigator. I too have been captivated with the paranormal for many years now. My interest grew after several incidents, with what I believe to have been true ghostly encounters. I do not assume to have answers to everything related to this topic. However a desire to understand more of a subject, that is much greater than myself, drives me to keep searching.

 Hello, my name is Eric and I live in Chicago. I work as a real estate accounting manager and making dreams a reality. At night I enjoy the lights and sounds of the windy city. Iíve joined working with my family in this paranormal venture to experience what other people may be leery of recognizing. I hope to provide the skills and senses within my DNA to provide a different approach to each investigation. My purpose and sole reason for participating with Interstate Paranormal is not only to document activity, but to help provide refutable evidence of what truly goes bump in the night. Iím just not satisfied with typical orbs or EVP readings. So, if something or someone decides to bump, be ready because I plan on bumping back. Happy Hunting!!!

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