The Congress Theater is a historic movie palace in Chicago. It was built by Fridstein and Company in 1926 for the movie theater chain of Lubliner and Trinz. In its heyday, the Congress Theater could seat over 2,500 moviegoers and also had storefronts facing the streets. More recently, the theater operated as a 3,500-capacity live music venue. The theater was also used for professional wrestling shows by Dragon Gate USA beginning in 2009.

 When Interstate Paranormal visited the theatre, we were the only living people inside but we weren't alone. Even in the home base we had motion sensors set off and shadow people were regularly seen in the main arena. Some entities just want to stay and enjoy the show.

   EVP "All I saw is just a man dying"

   EVP saying "Again" and a slow moving orb

   An EVP of someone breathing

   An EVP saying "Get out of here"

   An EVP telling us to "Get your picture"

   Multiple EVPs saying "Go Back", "I'm Here" and "Oh"                                     

   An EVP hummimg

   An EVP saying "Oh Yeah"

   An EVP saying "OK"

   An EVP saying "What a fall"

   An EVP saying "Yeah, walk it"

   An EVP yelling

   Over Here         

   Just Me


   Kill her                     



   Unknown noises

 General Photos from around the theatre.


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