Private homes are the quintessential "haunted house". Many homes house spirits due to many reasons; the land, someone has died in or near the home or it was a sentimental place for the deceased.

 Interstate Paranormal has been invited to investigate a number of private residences. We've investigated a home where the same family has lived for over 40 years, an apartment, a rental home and even a home that used to be a funeral home.

   Apartment, January 2012

   Orbs in Apartment

   Private Home, June 2012

   Bouncing Lights

   Light Circle

   EVP "Turn it off"

   Window opening on it's own

   Private Home, July 2012

   EVP with two knocks and says "It's Me"

   EVP "a bang"

   Breathy EVP and a mel-meter spike

   IR camera was set off and audio interference                                               

   An orb follows Randy to the stairs

   Necklace reacts to questioning

   EVP "Follow me"

   Solitary investigation

   Door opening on it's own and EVP "hey"

   Private Home, April 2015

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 Orbs, Anomolies and Faces


 General Photos from around the homes.


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