In 1903, George and Sarah Joslyn, completed one of Nebraska’s greatest homes—a 35-room Scottish Baronial mansion atop a hill on Omaha’s outskirts. The Castle includes a reception hall, music room, ballroom, a library and gold drawing room. The basement at one time housed a bowling alley. With the addition of a music room in 1906, the house totaled 19,360 square feet. The interior of the home’s conservatory was designed by landscape architect Jens Jensen in 1913.

 George Sarah and their daughter all died in the castle. Many visitors and caretakers of the castle have reported seeing orbs to full body apparitions. Poltergeist activity has also been known to happen. Interstate Paranormal had the opportunity to investigate twice and the castle proved itself to be an very interactive home.

   The missing flashlight incident

   Infra-Red Camera collection of orbs                                                         

   Joslyn Castle Presentation

   It's Awkward 


   Unknown EVP                



 General Photos from around the castle.


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