In 1919, C.G. Geddes agreed to donate 6 acres of his farm to merge the area’s one-room country schoolhouses. The school boards voted and created the Washington Township Consolidated School District. The cornerstone inscribed with the year 1921 was set and the dedication ceremony commenced on April 1 1922. The schoolhouse filled with citizens from miles around. An orchestra played on stage in the auditorium as a banquet served the hundreds in attendance.

 The school has been home to voices and full body apparitions and has been heavily investigated over the past ten years. Interstate Paranormal found the child spirits to be active and inviting and one of our investigators was even touched. School was definately in session.

   EVP of a child's voice

   EVP saying "There is"

   EVP "Do you hear them?"

   EVP "Always possible!"

   EVPs "It's mine" and "Yes"                                                                            

   EVP "Hey"

   EVP "Leave that"

   Numerous orbs

   EVP "Get off the floor"


   It's me

   I've seen it

   Play it again          



 General Photos from around the school.


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